Why NOT to Put a Job-Hunt on Ice in December

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Why NOT to Put a Job-Hunt on Ice in December

It’s a myth that companies stop all hiring in December

Well, Christmas is fast approaching, the goose is getting scared, and everyone else is running around like headless chickens… But it’s a common misconception that all company HR departments shut down and stop hiring in December. Even if things go a little quiet on the job-search front, you can get ahead of your competition by resisting the temptation during the next few weeks to put your feet up and watch endless repeats of the Queen’s speech…

9 Really useful things you can do in December

Okay, so this isn’t an exhaustive list of things you could be doing over the next few weeks to keep your job search from going cold, but we hope it’s a start…

#1 Relax!

Enjoy some downtime with your loved ones and recharge your batteries. Fill your tank with positive energy as well as food and wine!

#2 Review your goals

If you have never written them down, do it now! Think hard about what you want from life and work out which jobs would allow you to have at least most of those things. Then write them down!

#3 Consider your approach to the market…

How are you finding job leads? Are you in the cycle of agency and adverts? Or have you challenged yourself to build and use your networks, approach companies directly and use other less standard approaches?

#4 Party with a professional side

Bear in mind the advice offered last week by Lynn Taylor in an article on the Bloomberg BusinessWeek site: “Don’t become a roaming spammer at holiday parties, but have your professional side well packaged just the same. What if you go to a holiday bash and run into the prospective boss of your best dream job ever? Wouldn’t it be great to be ready with an elevator pitch about yourself and your career goals? For exactly this reason, when you party, go easy on the eggnog and other alcoholic beverages and avoid dressing like Lady Gaga. And, of course, bring business cards, even if they only state your contact information and speciality.”

#5 Do some market research 

Given your goals and your approach, does your CV sell you in the best possible way to the right audience? Companies review their marketing material all the time to ensure they continue to appeal to their target customers. And just as the needs and aspirations of their customers are changing all the time, so too are those of potential employers. Keep yourself relevant to them by checking for news releases on the websites of companies you wish to target and tailoring your CV for any approach you might subsequently make.

#6 Know yourself

And I mean really know yourself! Check out, understand and create your EACH matrix so that you can easily convey your skills and experience relating to specific challenges within any role.

#7 Find out what others know about you

Do you really know your strengths and weaknesses? Take the chance to ask for feedback from family and friends and, where possible, colleagues. Do they really see in you the same strengths that you imagine you possess? Finding out and acting on any information you weren’t previously aware of can only increase your advantage in a jobs race.

#8 Put some reading time in…

Many employers these days both seek and need individuals who are committed to self-development and learning, and in fact, many job-hunters won’t secure their next role without engaging in such a process. Jobswot isn’t the only resource for anyone who wants to go about looking for a new role in the most effective way. Look and you’ll find other useful resources or get in touch with us to get some recommended to you.

#9 Listen to the Jobswot Podcasts

They’re FREE and available for you to download and work through here!

What do you think?

If you’re open to sharing your experiences and thoughts, or want to share what you’ve learnt with other job-hunters, why not get in touch or post your thoughts in the comments box below?

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