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“So, tell me, how would you describe your management style?”

“Firm but fair”, came the awkward, hesitant reply. A short silence followed and there was a desperate attempt to think of something else to say.
“Approachable. Supportive. I like to have an open door policy. I believe I am fair to people but can can be hard and demanding when necessary.”

Then came another awkward silence. The interviewer had heard this answer, or one similar to it, on hundreds of occasions. The interviewee’s body language clenched uncomfortably as they realised that their response was not as fluent as they would have wished.

In over 20 years in recruitment, I have interviewed perhaps thousands of people. I have presented hundreds of shortlists and have become firmly convinced that most companies recruit outstanding interviewees, not necessarily the most suitable person for a role.

But searching for a new role is about so much more than just an interview:

  • How do you write a good CV? One that gets you in the pile to be interviewed, rather than filtered onto the rejections immediately.
  • How do you find a vacancy? Apparently only 18% of jobs are sourced through agencies or advertising.
  • How do you make sure that the offer you accept is the right role for you?

You could be redundant or you could just be thinking that it’s time for a change. Perhaps there is a bottleneck which means you can’t gain promotion within your current organisation, or maybe you just wish to broaden your experience or find a lifestyle that is more suitable for you.

There can be many reasons why you would be looking for a new role and Jobswot is here to help you do that. You will have a well presented CV that attracts potential employers. You will have a structured approach to help you find roles before they are advertised or put out to agencies. You will be able to use tools that will enable you to change sectors.

When you are invited to interview you will walk into the meeting confident that you will be able to present yourself in a convincing, attractive manner. You will be able to engage in a warm and friendly style and know how to make a lasting impression regarding your achievements.

Jobswot covers all of those things and more. Through our blog, and my forthcoming podcasts, I hope that you’ll find the tools that you need to get a great new job.


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  1. Terry

    Interesting site! 18% of jobs only sourced through agencies? Surprising! Wonder what % is by active outplacement and or general networking. Looking forward to the Podcasts.

  2. Che

    @Terry: I’m not sure on the numbers from what you term active outplacement. I suppose it will depend on the methods that the outplacer uses to help the outplacee, so to speak.

    I do remember some studies showing that networking, in terms of talking to friends and family et al, as a thing done alone has a success rate of around 33%.

    That % goes much, much higher if you do some of the things we’ll be talking about more on this site in the future. The big tip is to combine different elements to create an effective approach to the market.

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