JobSwot Module 7: Making a Decision

Right, so you've been offered the job. Now what?

You might be tempted to think that it's all over for Jobswotters,

but there is one final step - making a decision and negotiating the deal!

"Making a Decision” is the seventh module, containing

a 19 minute podcast plus 6 supporting PDF Quicksheets.

The content is focused on:

  • Handling offers.
  • Negotiation tips.
  • Making a good decision for you.
  • The value of celebration.
  • Tackling the first 90 days.
  • Reviewing your career choices... ready for next time.

Once you have been successful at interview, how do you know that you

are making the best decision? Richard's advice help you to set yourself

up for a cracking start in your new job. He'll remind you to celebrate

your success too - as if that will be a problem, eh? Connect back to the

work you did in Module 2, and help yourself to close the offer you

want the most.

Price: £ 0.00

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