JobSwot Module 6: The Interview Edge

If the interview is a foot-race in which you just can't see the other runners, how do you finish in 1st Place?

The podcast is 33 minutes and comes with 6 supporting PDF Quicksheets.

The content gives you "The Interview Edge”:

  • The power of listening.
  • Your message.
  • Examining your body talk.
  • Persuasion tips.
  • Why you should talk story.
  • Focusing on EACH answer.

Building on the core interview material covered in Module 5, Richard takes you deeper into communication matters. These will give you a significant advantage over other interviewees.

This material is best used in conjunction with the earlier modules, so please be cautious of downloading it out of context. It's hard to maximise this material unless you are well-prepared, know your CV inside-out, know who you are and what you want, and when you haven't done the interview basics.

Used well, people tell us that this stuff really changes their approach to interviews.

Forget pat answers and start to really tackle each question you are faced with... and do it all in a way that will persuade the interviewer that you are not just the best skilled candidate but also the most attractive.

(No, not pretty-attractive... more "I like you" attractive, ok?)

Finesse this stuff, putting it into action at interview, and you'll gain the edge you need.

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