JobSwot Module 5: Why should I employ you?

This is the big question that your interviewer is asking.

The fifth step when Jobswotting is to tackle that question head on. This module contains a 22 minute Podcast, plus 6 more PDF Quicksheets.

Covering the basics of interviewing, Richard also introduces his “engage” approach.

Starting with the first telephone call in response to your CV, Richard walks you through the key stuff that will form the basis of winning at interview:

  • Handling "the 'phone call".
  • Interview preparation.
  • Interview basics.
  • Why names are vital.
  • Language tips.
  • How to engage your interviewer.

We've got to be honest - some of this stuff might seem obvious. That being said, it's no lie to point out that even the best of us forget to notice the obvious stuff.

You are under pressure to perform, desperate to win that job, and you are in the hot seat... have you got all the bases covered?

More than that, how do you win over the heart of your interviewer, not just their head? We know that 80% of the decision will be, "Do I like you?"

Richard has some really helpful tips and ideas that will give you the edge at interview. The stuff here also lays down the groundwork for really cranking it up a notch when you use the stuff in Module 6 too.

Beyond "Knowing Yourself", folk who've listened to Richard in the past tell us that this is the material that gives them a big edge.

What are you going to do to make sure you get offered that job?

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