JobSwot Module 4: Approaching the Market

"Approaching the Market” is the bit that most folk manage to mess up, making their lives much harder than it needs to be.

This module contains a 35 minute podcast, plus 6 PDF Quicksheets and a page of Networking Tips.

In this module Richard examines the methods available to you as you seek a new job. He proposes some more effective approaches than those most commonly used by job-hunters, as well as talking about issues such as your attitude and how to handle rejection. Find out why responding to adverts, using recruitment agencies, and hopping onto jobsites are not the best approaches.

Module 4 covers:

  • Getting yourself ready for rejection.
  • Why your attitude is key.
  • Your preferences versus the employer's preferences.
  • Examining the many job-hunt methods.
  • How to get into networking.
  • Taking the direct approach.

Anyone who is keen to chop wasted time out of their jobsearch will find this module helpful.

Yes, you can skip ahead to the interview tips that come next if you want... but how are you going to make sure you get a bundle of interviews in the first place?

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