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There is no denying that the relationships we make, and the art of developing, maintaining and enjoying them requires time and effort: you get back what you invest. Through simple changes in the way we network can we make great changes to our professional lives.

How many of us are guilty of handing over business cards to the people we meet, and then never speaking again? Losing contact totally with people? Missing out on potential business? Not being the first person that springs to mind when someone you know is looking for a brain to pick, requires advice, has a recommendation, or would like to put business your way? You get the gist!

Through the wonderful world of social networking, 9 out of 10 times, we can now look up people on LinkedIn and Facebook, or follow their tweets on Twitter. We can build a successful network quickly through simple acts like showing a genuine interest, keeping in touch, or writing recommendations for people we know. Best of all, we can do this at little or no financial cost. Commit to making time in your weekly schedule to network because you will be rewarded.

Maintenance of your network is required: if you chose to tweet, you will be required to post regular (and preferably interesting!!) one liners. By giving something back, sharing nuggets of intelligence or interesting news articles, you can potentially keep yourself in everyone’s minds. Through keeping in touch, and nurturing your contacts you will quickly get to know what sort of information your individual contacts will be pleased to receive.

I have recently been asked to write a recommendation on LinkedIn for an ex-colleague who is now job-hunting; she is only too aware that potential recruiters may well look her up online, so bear it in mind and make it work for you. From time to time a little “brass neck” may be required… don’t be shy, but consider your approach; I can think of few people who would take offence at being asked for advice regarding their specialist area.

In “Brilliant Networking”, Steven D’Souza has created a quick read; a practical tool, with basics to follow to get you started, or to apply to what you do at present. It isn’t ground-breaking stuff but is useful for getting you started, confirming what you already know or improving your skills. There is no escaping from the fact that successful networking requires effort and persistence, but the benefits are great.

What are you waiting for?


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