Meet the Team

richardRichard Andrews is the voice behind the Jobswot podcasts. His background was varied, having advised on Ministerial Policy in the UK at one time. Some years ago Richard founded his own recruitment company, Newton Stanley, and has been a top-level recruiter for a range of clients across Great Britain. Over the years, Richard noticed various trends in the good and bad stuff he saw whilst interviewing. This personal experience, combined with his natural inclination to dig around, led him to look for validation of his gut-feelings from the leading psychological, business, and leadership commentators. What he found was that much of what he had come to regard as best-practice at interview was being supported by the science. Richard decided to launch a new company to try and offer his advice and support to people he knew were suffering from redundancy, due to the impending global recession. That’s when he got talking to Stewart.

stewartStewart Wiltshire helped Richard to found Newton Stanley Next Steps, the company set up to offer what is termed “outplacement” services, in January 2009. Stewart’s own background as a Chartered Engineer, with more than 20 years experience in manufacturing industry both in technical and leadership roles, made him an excellent team-mate for the project. Stewart has absorbed Richard’s knowledge and mindset, adding his own distinctive experience to the mix, and was able to extend the reach of Next Steps throughout 2009. One thing that troubled both Richard and Stewart, however, was that at the height of the recession they were hearing almost daily from people who were facing redundancy but who could not quite be served by the pair – due to time, cost, and other practical reasons. The solution, we sincerely hope, has been to found

Simon PalmerSimon Palmer is someone we’ve worked with for many years, having been the chap who built and maintained all of our computer systems since nigh-on Day One. Simon is someone Richard has known socially and who, we knew from experience, would intuitively know how best to build Working tirelessly in his spare time, Simon is the one who makes the whole thing chug and whirr. He’s one of those good people you meet in life who will tell you what you need to know, not necessarily what you want to hear. We will always be thankful for his support, patience and effort.


Alexandra Charnley volunteered to be a blogger for us. Alex’s background in art, architecture and design combines with her considerable experience in recruitment to offer a perspective that is markedly different to that of Richard and Stewart. Alex is a great proponent of networking and will always have time for anyone who wants to learn more about getting connected. Within our own organisation, Alex was the one who first introduced us all to LinkedIn; without this we would never have made the journey to where we are today, realising that we can reach out far beyond our own network of people through Jobswot.


Emily Smith is our second volunteer blogger.¬†Emily’s background as a Law graduate, with her experience in business and accountancy throughout her University years, allows her to offer insight through genuine Generation-Y eyes. Perhaps the person with the most fresh eyes when it comes to recruitment, she nonetheless has a lot of great ideas and can offer you a different perspective on your jobsearch.


Taken together, we hope that our team will be able to help you find a great new job in the quickest possible timeframe.

That’s our mission and we’d love to hear your ideas on how we can do that even better.