Jobswot is for people who care about where they end up working.

Almost every week people are losing their jobs. Most days of the week, somebody is coming to the realisation that they really aren’t happy in their job. Are you one of those people?

Jobswot has been created to support people who want to take initiative in finding a new role.

You are probably feeling nervous about your chances. We know how that feels because, like you, we’ve had experience of the same kind of things you might be experiencing. You know that redundancy hurts. You know how awkward it can feel to put yourself, “out in the job market.”

You are dealing with people who work in recruitment. The challenge recruiters quite often face is that they may not know about a job opportunity that is suitable for you right away. Instead, although they really want to help you out, they usually end up feeling a little bit powerless to help. It’s one thing to sit beside you and wait for opportunity to knock on your door, yet we felt that you deserved better.

What if years of recruitment experience could be shared with you in a different way?

A day of career-changing coaching from Richard would usually cost you £1000. You probably just winced at the thought of picking up that price tag.

You will want to get yourself not just back to work, but back into a great job. You probably would appreciate it if you could gain a genuine advantage in the job race. Richard’s coaching really does give people that advantage – we know that because that is what people keep telling us.

We hope that our blog, combined with listening to Richard speak through the podcasts, will give you that advantage. The belief is that, through sharing our stories and suggestions, you can get some fresh ideas and change the way you go about finding a new job… and for a lot less than £1000.

Have a poke around and see what you make of it. Feel free to post comments into the blog – we hope that this can become a real community, and sharing your thoughts will help to make that happen. Please tell us if something works for you, and don’t be too shy to let us know if something doesn’t work either. Perhaps we can learn something new together. Enjoy!